Thursday, 23 October 2014

The power of will

As I was a young boy, i used to read comic books of some several superhero characters, like DC Comics, Superman, The Batman, and Marvel's X-Men and what's more interesting is when i grew older i transcended from reading the comic books and watching the movies. Few were skeptical as bringing these characters to life when i was small but now we get to watch them in the theaters even the skeptics and realists where some even enjoy watching the movies from the comic books that they used to criticize. This is through the willpower of the writers to change the minds of people, through a different way of thinking and communicating. They used the power of the cinema. The same can be used when it comes to Nuclear energy in Kenya. A lot of people get to hear just the word nuclear, the first thing that gets to their heads is either the bomb, the radiation and the accidents, not to forget the expense. A lot of people lack the will to see things on both sides, what i mean is they forget the progress that countries have had using nuclear energy, the carbon emission reduction through it and advancements in medicine, agriculture, defense and modern day industrial revolution. They forget to see the will power of one Curie Marie who pioneered the research of radio activity that now we talk about Nuclear Science and Technology. It is amazing that in history she is the only one to win the coveted Nobel Price twice in two different fields, so how is that for an achievement all spawned by the will to make a better living and a difference. Kenya needs sustainable energy for its economy as it grows the more energy is needed, the truth of the matter is the other energy sources will still not provide what is demanded come 2030 and the for the next years to come. 17,000 Megawatts is needed (Mw) by vision 2030 and also for the surging mining industry that our government has taken keen interest in. The rare earth minerals in Taita Taveta and Kwale County need a constant amount of energy for the production process that currently Kenya cannot produce the needed quantity to compete with the big boys with the current energy output. Nuclear energy is consistent and not vulnerable to weather conditions and the source fuel has a very high energy output. For Kenya to transcend from its developing nation status to developed nation, it will need the willpower of her citizens to embrace the nuclear energy for electricity generation. It will need the willpower of the current bunch of science oriented citizens to understand the fundamentals of nuclear science, to use this knowledge for the good of the country and its prosperity. It feels somewhat degrading as other countries like Algeria and South Africa embracing nuclear science mostly for economic purposes and other positive possibilities that comes with it. All it has taken is the will of the people of these country to see themselves making a difference and making their lives better, for the current generation and the future generation. The power of will towards nuclear technology for electricity generation is what will bring out the best of Kenya and what it has to offer. We have so far proved innovative resourceful in several fields, such as business, where we are leading in Mobile phone banking and other innovative ideas in agriculture and even medicine, if you can recall several discoveries in treating HIV/AIDS, e.g. the Kemron drug developed in the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) labs. This is through the willpower of one Dr. Davy Koech. Imagine if we embrace nuclear technology, the possibilities that will emerge, a shift in the need for environmental conservation, where less trees will be cut and less carbon emissions from oil, gas and coal. Research in nuclear fusion that will possibly be the needed technology of the ever imagined interstellar travel or deep ocean exploration. All this is through the will of the Kenyan people to take a positive keen interest on nuclear technology, as a tool of a prosperous future.

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