Monday, 10 November 2014

Nuclear Science Diversities Part 2

Apparently nuclear science is the future of all of man's endeavors and key to open doors to the clean energy that we all desire. It is true that there has been some problems on the way, several accidents but we learn a great deal and new unexpected discoveries are made. Over the years, we have relied on the conventional ways of food preservation that slows down the bacterial agents that causes food poisoning. Recently, food can be preserved using irradiation. This method is used in the South East Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea. It is WHO approved meaning it has no adverse effects to the food or cause no harm to when consumed. Irradiation, preserves longer than refrigeration. This is through the discovery of radiation that true is harmful in that it kills vital cells and organs to any living organism, but on the other side if well manipulated, it is used to preserve and maintain the quality of any agricultural produce. This is just ways how nuclear science and technology is evolving past the use of making destructive weapons and generation of energy. Countries going nuclear, discover the benefits and utilize for their economic and social needs. From observation, countries that have embraced use of nuclear technology enjoy an economic growth of more than 8% and also an increased investor interest. Kenya is looking forward to tripple her economic growth rate and one of the pillars is sustainable energy, where a significant part will come from nuclear energy.

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